Saturday, March 26, 2016

Report: Maze of the Blue Medusa!

Read these:



In the absence of hard evidence on either side, you need to decide for yourself whose words are more credible. For my part, I find Mandy more credible because I can see Zak's great incentive to lie, but I can't see hers. I've decided to withdraw my support for Zak - through both my money and my blog - unless I can be absolutely certain that I'm not supporting the person Mandy describes. I wouldn't send someone to jail based on this level of evidence, but I'm not sending him to jail so that standard doesn't apply. The only things I know for sure about Zak are that he makes good RPG material and is unnecessarily combative online, and those things neither condemn nor exonerate him.


  1. That's awesome. I'm going to start playing this via forum posts with unlimited players.... It's an experiment fitting for the setting, I think. It is beautiful.
    Come watch

  2. Thanks for this, I've read about this book and was looking for actual plays.