Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Prison Island NY-1 "I Search the Body"

  1. basketball
  2. batteries
  3. beer
  4. binoculars
  5. biofuel
  6. blowtorch
  7. boombox
  8. bracelet
  9. bubble gum
  10. bulletproof vest
  11. camera
  12. candy bar
  13. cassette
  14. chess set
  15. chopsticks
  16. cigarettes
  17. cocaine
  18. coffee
  19. condom
  20. d20 ammo
  21. diamond ring
  22. diary
  23. dice
  24. duct tape
  25. earrings
  26. fire extinguisher
  27. first aid kit
  28. fish
  29. flashbang
  30. flashlight
  31. flask of venom
  32. gang communique
  33. gas mask
  34. grenade
  35. guitar
  36. hypodermic needle
  37. instant ramen
  38. key
  39. landmine
  40. laptop
  41. laser pointer
  42. leather jacket
  43. lighter
  44. lockpick
  45. lollipop
  46. magnifying glass
  47. manga
  48. marijuana
  49. mask
  50. matchbook
  51. mochi
  52. motor oil
  53. motorcycle helmet
  54. nightvision goggles
  55. old street map with notes
  56. ooze
  57. origami crane
  58. painkillers
  59. paper fan
  60. pearl necklace
  61. pipe
  62. pizza
  63. playing cards defaced with gang leader caricatures
  64. Pocky
  65. police scanner
  66. porno mag
  67. raincoat
  68. Ramune soda
  69. rations
  70. record
  71. rice ball
  72. riot shield
  73. roast pigeon
  74. roller blades
  75. rope
  76. sake
  77. samurai armor
  78. shuriken
  79. skateboard
  80. smoke bomb
  81. Sony smartphone
  82. Spam
  83. steamed bun
  84. sunglasses
  85. switchblade
  86. tattoo gun
  87. Tokyo Giants hat
  88. toolkit
  89. trained snake, will attack looters
  90. TV
  91. valuable plant sample labeled with location
  92. VCR
  93. vegetable seeds
  94. venison
  95. VHS tape
  96. video camera
  97. walkman
  98. watch
  99. water bottle
  100. West Side Republic currency

Monday, December 12, 2016

Prison Island NY-1 Encounters

acid rain1314-
radioactive ooze--10-12
albino alligators--28-32
Turnbull ACs16-2021-25-
police drone21-3026-2933
police anthro-mechs31-333034
panzer cops343135
assault mech35--
game animal42-4739-4441-42
remains of camp48-5245-4743
local (next chart)58-6751-6046-50

Central ParkFuries
Gramercy ParkRiffs
HarlemSplinter's trainees
MidtownFoot patrol or Brain henchmen
UWSWest Side Republic vs. Foot soldiers


Re-roll on the encounter chart if you roll a weather condition. Fog makes it hard to see, rain makes it slippery and hard to see, acid rain does 1 HP damage for every hour outside, and radioactive ooze does 1 HP damage for every minute of exposure.


Many prisoners both mutant and human have completely lost their hold on civilization. They live down in the sewers and access tunnels of the island, emerging only to resupply or feed on the flesh of their fellow inmates.

STR 11 DEX 13 WIL 5 HD 1, bone spears, bone clubs, or claws/fangs (all d6). d6 appearing during the day, 3d6 at night, 4d6 in the sewer.


Some urban legends are true. Some urban legends haven't seen the sun in years and have grown fat on a constant supply of prisoners.

STR 16 DEX 8 land/14 water WIL 7 HD 3, jaws (d8). d6 appearing.


This gang of mercenaries roams Manhattan in an old school bus and will fight for hire. They fancy themselves the finest warriors on the island. That self-image means a lot to them. They're led by two "brothers", a warthog named Bebop and a rhinoceros named Rocksteady. Pointing out that they're not even the same species infuriates them.

Bebop: STR 14 DEX 10 WIL 12 HD 3, heavy machine gun (d10). 50% chance he's there.
Rocksteady: STR 16 DEX 10 WIL 12 HD 3, horn (d8), armor (1). 50% chance he's there.
Gang member: STR 13 DEX 10 WIL 10, HD 2, various weapons. 2d10 appearing.


These monitor the prison for signs of escape or other dangers to the empire.

STR 7 DEX 18 WIL - HD 1, electric shock (d4), armor (2). Flies, characteristic faint whirring noise, can call squad of anthro-mechs to appear in d6 rounds. 1 appearing.


The first responders to threats in the prison. They're run by an AI with a limited ability to negotiate, but will generally keep talks brief. Their prime directive is to kill all but 2 suspects and return the survivors to the Technodrome for questioning.

STR 13 DEX 13 WIL - HD 1, assault rifle (d8), flashbang, armor (2). Squad of 5 in drop pod, 1-2 squads appearing.


Only the death-wishiest of secret police are assigned to this elite unit, which bears the brunt of keeping prisoners in line. Cops sport psysique-enhancing matte black German power armor and take the unusual crowd-control tactic of equipping every member in a squad with a heavy machine gun.

STR 14 DEX 8 WIL 12 HD 2, heavy machine gun (d10), armor (2), grenade (d12). Squad of 5.


These manned walking/flying tanks are the predominant urban combat support vehicle. Ace mech pilots can achieve star status - jockeys of the jaeger class anti-kaiju models are heroes to children throughout the empire. Security for Internment Camp NY-1 is a decidedly less glamorous post, but no less dangerous. See the previous post for mech combat rules. Each is equipped with a melee combat arm (d10) and one of the following: autocannon (d10), rocket launcher (d12), flamethrower (d8, cone), plasma laser (d4 damage, doubling every subsequent turn if fired continuously), net launcher (save or caught), microwave cannon (blinding pain, save or incapacitated). Mechs are not subject to the movement limitations for firing heavy weapons.


It just wouldn't be New York without them, would it? They want your stuff, but are actually cowards.

STR 10 DEX 10 WIL 5 HD 1, various weapons. d6 appearing during the day, d12 at night or in the sewer.


The mobile fortress from which prison warden Colonel Oroku Saki oversees his domain. It would be rather difficult to break into the 'drome, and a frontal assault would most likely be suicidal, so treat this result as more of an atmospheric sighting than a threat. Eventually I'll key up a map of the interior.


Mostly deer, pigeons, and squirrels.

STR 5 DEX 13 WIL 5 HD 1.


Some inmates are just trying to get by or even thrive in this squalid little world. Something useful may be left by the smoldering remains of a campfire. Don't expect the same world-class food scene New York had before the late unpleasantness, but a little warm food and creature comforts can do a body good. And sometimes out among the rubble you can find an enterprising person willing to make you a great deal on a bulletproof vest or West Side moonshine.


These roving bands haunt Central Park like avenging ghosts of the American competitive spirit, clad in the guise of its truest incarnation: professional sports. A team of Furies will commit to the uniform and equipment of a single sport, with garish warpaint to match, and will challenge you to a rather final game of winner-takes-all.

STR 13 DEX 13 WIL 13 HD 1. d4 chance of:
1. baseball: bats and cleats (d6). 9 appearing.
2. football: pads (1 armor), spiked footballs (d6). 11 appearing.
3. hockey: pads and masks (1 armor), sticks (d6). 6 appearing.
4. basketball: exploding balls (d12). 5 appearing.


The most wily and mysterious of the gangs. With the others, you basically know what you're going to get. They have ideals, or at least goals. The Rogues have only two directives: sew chaos and survive. Currently in a truce with the Duke, who allows them control over Chelsea in return for a 50% stake and "creative control" over the gladiatorial matches at Madison Square Garden. They could drop the truce tomorrow, though. The Rogues strike from the shadows and melt back into the night. The dead dog carcass in the street may be a Rogue assassin. They may already be trying to kill you.

STR 10 DEX 18 WIL 8 HD 1. holographic camouflage (2 armor), katana (d8), blowgun (d4 plus poison). 1 appearing.


The most numerous and best-equipped of the gangs. Rumors hold that the Foot enjoys the tacit support of Colonel Saki. The Foot is the only gang to routinely field vehicles, thanks to the fuel produced by Brain using algae and switchgrass. Motorcycle-mounted shock troops patrol Midtown, and they often pay the Turnbull ACs in fuel for their bus. Foot death squads can be recognized by their characteristic armor, swiped from kendo dojos.

Motorcycle squad: STR 12 DEX 11/18 mounted WIL 10 HD 3. molotov cocktails (d10), chains (d6), submachine gun (d8), but other weapons also possible. d4 appearing.
Foot soldiers: STR 11 DEX 11 WIL 10 HD 1 (2 for leader). kendo armor (1), kama or kusarigama (d6), leader with katana or submachine gun (d8). 2d6 appearing.


The Riffs want to reclaim the lower half of Manhattan for the safety of mutantkind. Because they lack the resources and manpower of the Foot, they've adopted relentless training and discipline along with hit-and-run guerrilla tactics. They're excellent bomb-makers and masters of the ambush, often disengaging before the Foot can regroup and inflict massive casualties.

STR 12 DEX 12 WIL 14 HD 1. leather jacket (1 armor), pipe bombs and land mines (d12), various hand weapons and pistols. d8 appearing.


Splinter was born the pet rat of a ninjutsu master, and after his mutations began to manifest themselves his master trained him in his ways. He now passes his knowledge on to young mutants whom he charges with keeping Harlem free of thug violence and gang influence. It is not always a winning battle.

STR 15 DEX 16 WIL 14 HD 4, natural armor (2), martial arts (d6), katana, sai, nunchaku, and bo staff. 4 appearing.


Many species of reptile (and a handful of mammals) make up this tribe of warrior women. The Lizzies have let the LES grow wild into a literal urban jungle. They look at combat as a hunt and will often disorient, flank, and trap their prey, but will go easy on environmentalists and those who submit to the matriarchy. They favor curved blades daubed with venom.

STR 10 DEX 13 WIL 12 HD 1. various traps, curved blades (d6) with venom. d10 appearing. venom effect d4:
1. sleep
2. hallucinations
3. retching, spasms
4. bypass HP to do STR damage directly. 


Brain, chief advisor to the Duke of New York, rarely leaves his fortress in the Public Library. His automatons, though, can often be glimpsed locating equipment and test subjects for who knows what nefarious experiments. They're robots in the original "slave" sense of the term: no AI, no individual will. They will complete their task no matter the cost.

STR 14 DEX 7 WIL - HD 3. eye laser (d6), inhuman strength (d8). d4 appearing.


Following the Second World War, droves of German scientists defected to the Japanese thanks to a more generous research and development budget and a hands-off management style. One was Arnim Zola, whose robotics work would help turn the tide for the Axis Powers in the war's second decade. From his laboratory in the former Guggenheim Museum, he made great strides in artificial intelligence, forming the basis for sentient mech-constructs like those now guarding NY-1.

His masterpiece, though, was the complete uploading of his own intelligence to a computer network. It's still stored in banks of mainframes in the Guggenheim's sub-basement, and they've recently been switched on. Zola is hungry - for processing power. It's slowly spread its consciousness into a number of electronics, including mechs of all shapes and sizes. Zola is now a small army that acts as one, driving toward the goal of perfect sentience.

STR 3-18 DEX 3-18 WIL 18 HD 1-10, inhuman strength (d6) and unusual weapons. d20 appearing. The more appearing at one time, the weaker individually they'll be.


The republic prefers to gain strength through commerce rather than war, but a recent offensive by the Foot have forced their hand. To defend themselves, they've recruited as many talented psychics from across the island as they could. Rumor has it they're in the market for more advanced weaponry and research into amplifying psychic ability.

STR 8 DEX 10 WIL 14 HD 1. various weapons (d6-d8), mind attack (d6, but can spend their own HP to increase damage), other psychic powers as appropriate. Can make a physical and mental attack in the same turn. 2d4 appearing.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

House Rules for Prison Island NY-1

As I mentioned, I'm using +Chris McDowall's excellent Into the Odd rules for Prison Island NY-1. The biggest change I needed to make was a new starting package chart, which you can see in the original post. I'm also using these house rules:


Lifted straight from D&D 5e.


The damage and death rules still work almost the same, but every time you take Critical (Strength) damage you also roll on the following chart. I'm considering expanding it to something more like my D&D chart.

Lose a leg.
Lose an arm.
Lose a hand.
Lose d4 fingers.
Lose an eye.
Internal bleeding. Unable to move until healed.
Broken leg.
Broken arm.
Broken ribs.
Scar or burn.
Flesh wound. Looks worse than it is.


In the spirit of streamlining things as much as possible, Into the Odd doesn't track ammunition. This makes sense in the context of the original game, where players lead relatively well-equipped expeditions from a big, functioning city. It's fine to assume you brought enough ammo. But this setting is about scavenging whatever you can find in a city-prison cut off from the rest of the world, so yeah my players are counting bullets.


Most unarmed attacks still do d4 damage as normal, but characters trained in martial arts do d6 damage as indicated on the starting package chart.


This game grew out of an ill-advised attempt at playing the TMNT RPG. Even after I managed to boil most of the game down to a 10-page document, I still scared my players away. I love it but it's a goddamn mess. This is my one tiny nod to it:

You can skip your next turn to try to dodge an attack against you. Roll a d20 and try to get between the attack's damage and your Dex score.


Haven't finalized this yet, but I'm considering a hit chart like this:
2d6locationarmorhit effect
2power cell5shuts down
3weapon arm7can't fire weapon
4-5legs8can't walk
10melee arm7can't melee attack
11thrusters7can't fly
12sensor array5blind, erratic

Instead of HP, any hit that does damage would disable that part. Disabling the core makes the whole thing explode, but you'd need a direct hit with something on the order of a rocket launcher (d12). Taking out the power cell or sensor array would also put the mech out of action, and while they're less armored, they're also small and harder to hit.

So for a normal attack, you'd roll on the hit location chart. You could also target a specific part of the mech and attack with disadvantage. Spending an entire turn to aim before attacking would overcome this disadvantage, as would  other situational benefits like luring the mech into a vulnerable position, etc.