Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I Love Lamentations

I just learned that Lamentations of the Flame Princess is in serious financial trouble. If they went under, I would be crushed. LotFP is the greatest RPG company of all time, TSR included, and Jim Raggi is the greatest RPG publisher. He's the kind of leftie that I thought died out in the nineties: ornery, a free-speech diehard, and committed to just business practices and hiring all kinds of people not as a stunt but because it's self-evidently right. He has the most interesting catalogue of products out there: weird, shocking, and often brilliant. Buy them (US store link). Run them in the spirit they are intended and they will make your game better. Jim pushed the OSR scene beyond masturbatory nostalgia while simultaneously writing the clearest, most concise retroclone.

I don't like that the guy supports Jordan Peterson (who is an ass). However, who Raggi has chosen to work with seems to speak loudly that he is very much pro-trans people. If you have any evidence to the contrary, please let me know and I will change my opinion. The modern left is obsessed with purity tests and turning allies into enemies. This is why President Iceberg is currently driving the Titanic.

When Jim's bestselling author was accused of abuse, Jim canceled all the author's future work and reprints. Literally no one did more to show that abuse has no place in our hobby. It seems his great sin was that he was upset about doing it. Well, fucking duh. But he did it anyway. And yet in online "communities," words are so often valued above actions.

LotFP forever. If you agree, buy from them if you can and spread the word. I, like many others during this time, am hurting financially with only $1200 from the government to help (thanks, President Iceberg!), but I will be buying a few books because this is important to me.

(In case it is not clear: I am criticizing the tactics of left-leaning people in the old school RPG scene because I hold quite left-leaning views and I want us to do better.)


  1. I agree and I will support LotFP. Yeah, everyone was upset at Jim because he did more than them about Zak, then he made a book as a catharsis (Zak has nothing to do with this book) and they attacked him, they didn't allow him his catharsis. Fucking puritans!

  2. I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt, but his weird trolling on the subject (see Zak Has Nothing to Do With This Book) left a sour taste in my mouth, and I haven't bought anything since. Lotfp was among my favorites, but I'm finding no shortage of great work from other indie publishers.