Friday, March 1, 2019

Ok how about this one?

I cannot help daydreaming new combat systems. It's a character flaw.

Instead of attack bonus, characters have a Weapon Skill (thanks Warhammer) equal to Str + Dex modifiers (and Fighters add their level).

Weapons don't have damage ratings anymore, but instead have Reach and Speed:

  • Daggers etc: Reach 1, Speed 5
  • Shortswords etc: Reach 2, Speed 4
  • Longswords etc: Reach 3, Speed 3
  • Great weapons: Reach 4, Speed 2
  • Pole weapons: Reach 5, Speed 1

Combatants make opposing rolls (d6 or d10 probably, depending on the game's HD regime). The combatant with the higher Weapon Skill rolls one more die. On the first round of combat, the combatant with the highest-reach weapon rolls one more die, but after that (until they disengage) the combatant with the highest-speed weapon rolls one more die. The winner in the roll-off deals damage equal to the difference between the two players' highest rolls.


  1. How would dual-wielding/off-hand weapons work? And where does armour fit into this?
    I actually really do quite like this one straight away, lots of room for modification and tinkering.

    1. Oh right, armor. I'd probably do an armor save like the Warhammer miniatures games.

      I don't usually deal with dual-weapon fighting, so not sure how I'd handle that.

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