Wednesday, January 10, 2018

d50 Monster Powers

Use these when you want to make monsters tougher without resorting to upping their HP, AC, or damage. These aren't the weirdest powers I can think of - I've left them relatively "standard" so they can be broadly applicable. Combine with this d50 Puzzle Monster Death Requirements table to make a d100 table.

  1. Sings foes to sleep
  2. No one can lie in its presence
  3. Magically charms foes
  4. Transmutes metal to glass
  5. Immune to (fire, ice, electricity, acid, poison, magic, nonmagic weapons)
  6. Reflects spells back at the caster
  7. Only susceptible to (fire, ice, electricity, acid, poison, magic, silver, gold, lead, mercury, etc)
  8. Redirects spells to random targets
  9. Attackers must save or lose all motivation
  10. Exists in the spaces between seconds: takes an extra turn every round when it chooses
  11. Blood corrodes metal
  12. Inspires suicidal thoughts in foes
  13. Poison bite causes (sleep, hallucinations, paralysis, retching, STR damage, CON damage, DEX damage, INT damage, WIS damage, CHA damage, level drain, death)
  14. Always wins initiative
  15. Grows scales, improves by 1 AC for every hit taken
  16. Can disappear behind anything and reappear anywhere else within sight
  17. Certain pieces of music can control it/cause it pain
  18. Shatters armor
  19. Spells against it must be cast twice to take effect
  20. Can't be charmed
  21. Has one form during the day and another at night
  22. 100' radius of magical silence
  23. Cannot escape wells
  24. Power tied to the phases of the moon
  25. 100' radius of magical darkness
  26. Healed by the wounds it inflicts
  27. Knows its foes' past
  28. Causes people to switch bodies: players must play each others' characters without referring to character sheets
  29. Commands shadows to betray their owners
  30. No one can tell the truth in its presence
  31. Skin coated in poison
  32. Controls metal like Magneto
  33. Bursts into flames
  34. Emotions affect the weather
  35. Can move on walls and ceilings
  36. Flies
  37. Can give a command (as the spell) once per HD per combat
  38. Staring directly into its eyes causes blindness
  39. Can't be seen when perfectly still
  40. Explodes in poison gas when killed
  41. May age or regress its opponents by d10 years instead of attack
  42. Claws/teeth/horns/etc made of diamond, very valuable but every hit is critical
  43. Moves through solid objects
  44. Transfers consciousness to another creature just before death
  45. Projects up to d8 images of itself in its foes' minds
  46. Becomes more vicious when wounded: one more attack per round for each hit taken
  47. If a spell or other special ability is used against it, it may now use that ability
  48. Grows or shrinks at will
  49. Hides its true form behind an ordinary/beautiful exterior
  50. Eats foes' identities: attacks do INT, WIS, or CON damage (or all three at once) and cause the victim to forget an important fact about itself

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