Monday, August 21, 2017

d50 Puzzle Monster Death Requirements

Thanks to +Garrett Fitzgerald+Jon Salway+Whidou+Gordon Cranford+rich fraser+Dice Quixote, and +Zak Sabbath for your contributions.

The creature can only be killed...
  1. if separated from its weapon or other small object
  2. if its wounds are rubbed with (salt, elf urine, holy blood, unicorn bone powder)
  3. if you know its true name
  4. on a moonless night
  5. if it believes itself to be vulnerable 
  6. if fully incinerated or vaporized; otherwise, it will regenerate
  7. by a whore and virgin simultaneously
  8. by a weapon of (living wood, silver, lead, gold, black iron, virgin steel)
  9. without pain
  10. while it sleeps
  11. if cut into four pieces and buried in four different lands
  12. once it has passed on its curse
  13. in honorable single combat
  14. through treachery
  15. by decapitation, though the head will go on living
  16. if buried in the roots of a yew tree
  17. if its blood is drained
  18. at a crossroads
  19. in the rain
  20. over water
  21. outside its place of power
  22. if kept from contact with the ground
  23. in its true form
  24. while feeding
  25. when it cannot commune with a new willing host
  26. if the one who deals the fatal blow dies at the same instant
  27. in a certain, small geographical point/place
  28. by its own willing suicide
  29. if its death can never be confirmed with certainty afterwards
  30. by a true friend
  31. by mistake
  32. by death penalty pronounced by an impartial judge
  33. if the planets are correctly aligned
  34. during the twelfth minute of the twelfth hour of the twelfth day of the twelfth month
  35. if a certain poem is spoken while the creature is attacked.
  36. if someone agrees to take its place
  37. by a scorned lover
  38. by its creator
  39. by removing it from the planet
  40. by reading a children's book to it
  41. by a blade that has slain the creature's sire
  42. by an immortal
  43. in the place of its birth
  44. through ritual sacrifice
  45. by eating it
  46. if it does half of its HP in damage to its slayers
  47. by the tools of its trade
  48. by the moon
  49. if entombed in ice
  50. on its birthday


  1. By burning its liver and burying its gall bladder at a crossroads.

  2. With a weapon wielded by someone who truly loves it