Monday, September 5, 2016



Trad fantasy through a weird/punk lens. Princess Mononoke, Roger Dean, John Blanche, Matthew Adams. Stealing heavily from Zak Sabbath, Patrick Stuart, and David McGrogan.

Balkan Horror
A bunch of Brits stranded in the Balkans when the traveling nobleman they're working for turns up murdered. Set shortly after Vlad Tepes' death, vaguely historical but with lots of poetic license and weird monsters.


80s D&D and Grimm's fairy tales meet '70s satanic horror movies and German expressionism like Nosferatu and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Healthy doses of Kafka and Poe.

Nonhuman Ninjutsu Rebel Youth
The Ninja Turtles' NYC set in an alt-’80s where the Axis won World War II and the Japan rules the US. Mech officers patrol the streets and mutant gangs roam the sewers.  TMNT, The Warriors, Marvel Nazis, Jin Roh, Mechwarrior, Akira.

Dead Planet
Post apocalyptic road warriors, doomsday cults, mutants, fungus jungle, Miyazaki airships. Mad Max, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, spaghetti westerns, Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind, After the Bomb.

Eye Twinkles

Wizard School
Harry Potter punk. British folklore, Arthurian legend, If…., League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Aleister Crowley.

Space Jockeys
Hard-ish sci fi cyberpunk where man has colonized much of the solar system. 2001, Akira, Alien, Blade Runner, Outland, Sunshine, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, WALL-E. SUBLIGHT.

Dead Man's Chest
Buccaneers, voodoo priestesses, cursed treasure, white whales, giant squid, Monkey Island, Pirates of the Caribbean. Watching for Driftwood Verses to see if it scratches the same itch.

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